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22 1A Revolution Little Giant Ladder & work platform

22 1A Revolution Little Giant Ladder & work platform

22 1A Revolution Little Giant Ladder & work platform

Model 22 Revolution Little Giant Ladder. Rock Locks and Palm Buttons. Work Platform, Scaffolding Trestle Brackets, Wheels & DVD!

One ladder does it all. After making the most versatile ladder in the world for over 30 years, Little Giant has started a "Revolution" in the ladder industry.

This is the Model 22 Revolution Little Giant Ladder, model number 12022. This ladder is BRAND NEW! The Revolution XE is the newest and most technologically advanced ladder on the market today.

Using LiteWave TechnologyT the same technology used by the U. Military in aircraft production, the Revolution weighs 20% less than comparable Little Giant Ladders, yet still maintains the strength and ruggedness of the original Little Giant Type 1A Ladder. The Revolution also incorporates a redesigned Quad-Lock Hinge, adding even more stability to the ladder. The Type 1A Revolution is an excellent choice for heavy commercial use, household use, or for the demanding person seeking a rock solid versatile ladder.

This ladder is brand new, still in the box. The Model 22 stores at 5 1/2 feet high, and opens to a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 foot stepladder. In the extension position, it extends from 11 - 19 feet, in one foot increments.

Perfect for a 2 story house. Also includes wheels and a Work Platform! OSHA rated for 300lbs capacity on EACH side!

Each side of the ladder is adjustable for use on stairs. Shown here with the older. Plastic Rock Locks and Palm Buttons.

Rock Locks and Palm Buttons! The Little Giant Work Platform attaches to any rung of the Little Giant Ladder. It has a 300 lb. Capacity (250lb capacity with Type I ladder), enabling a workman to stand erect and use both hands while on the ladder. After placing it on the ladder, you slide it forward, climb past it, and then slide it back with your foot.

It's a great standing platform, and very comfortable for your feet. It also serves as a tool platform.

Opens to a 9' Stepladder! Just separate the ladder into 2 trestles for quick and portable scaffolding. Beware of the Little Giant Ladder imitators that claim their ladder is "similar" to a Little Giant, but use cheap components or cut corners in the manufacturing process. For example, some imitators use skimpy single pass welds to attach the rungs to the ladder. These skimpy welds meet the basic minimum to pass OSHA requirements, but don't expect them to last long. Even more shocking however is that many of the imitators are now using a newer and cheaper process where they smash flat the ends of the outer rungs and then rivet them to the ladder.

They are smashed flat on the ends to make it easier and cheaper to rivet them on the ladder. Little Giant doesn't cut corners during the manufacturing process to save a few bucks, they use double pass welds which is a more expensive process, but produces a higher quality product. Little Giant outer rungs won't become loose and rickety over time like riveted rungs, and they won't weaken and fail like skimpy single pass welds can.

They are the original, and they are the best! Don't be fooled by a cheaper price by the competition, because in the long run you'll get. REMEMBER THAT THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY REMAINS LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF THE PRICE FADES AWAY. This one ladder does all this..

This one ladder will go into all these positions. And yes, it even comes apart to make 2 matching 5' stepladders for scaffolding. Just put a plank at your desired height and you've got a simple, portable scaffolding system.

Think of the time saved by taking only one ladder to a job site, and knowing you will have the right size ladder with you. Think of the space saved around the home by having only one versatile ladder to use and store instead of 3 or 4 ordinary ones. And Little Giant Ladders demonstrate professionalism for businesses.

If you show up to a job site with cheap or worn out ladders, what does that say to your customers? But if you show up with a Little Giant Ladder, it shows professionalism and demonstrates a sense of quality attributed to your work. And at home, are you reluctant to pull out that old rickety ladder to do some work, and hope the ladder holds up without collapsing? Wouldn't it be nice to have one good quality ladder around to take care of all your ladder needs?

The Little Giant is that ladder. The new Quad-Lock hinge comes standard on the Revolution. The patented hinge is the newest hinge introduced by Little Giant. It combines new technologies and state of the art materials to become the most impressive, technologically advanced ladder hinge on the market. The Quad-Lock hinge locks into place with 4 pins for increased stability and overall safety.

Since Little Giant started in business, they have designed their hinges to be the STRONGEST part of the ladder! For OSHA testing purposes, they are required to test a ladder until it fails, and Little Giant is proud of the fact that their hinges have NEVER failed first during their tests... It has always been some other part of the ladder which failed first. This is not true of the competition -- Little Giant has actually tested the competitor ladders and many of their hinges have failed first because they use cheap hinges with flimsy components that aren't designed to last for years of dependable service like a Little Giant hinge is.

I stock genuine Little Giant replacement parts if you ever need them. It also meets ANSI 14.2 requirements for ladders. I also stock replacement parts. To check out our other ladder auctions.

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  • Model: 22 Revolution
  • Item Height: 5' 7\
  • Number of Steps: 5
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Type: Combination Ladder
  • Features: Foldable, Telescoping
  • MPN: 12022, 10104
  • Item Condition: New
  • Item Weight: 38 lbs
  • Brand: Little Giant
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • UPC: 096764022006

22 1A Revolution Little Giant Ladder & work platform